Blovember #4 – just missing the chestnuts…

…because I am sitting in front of an open fire. Doh.

It is between 2 and 4 degrees outside and wet as well. The kind of damp and chill you to the core sort of cold without even needing a wind. It might be the leaner post-hospital me of 11st of nothing that just feels the cold more easily.

Desperate measures – well 1.5:1 may be required; Whisky Mac (a.k.a. Winter Warmer) 1.5 parts blended (read cheap) whisky to 1 part green ginger wine. Bring it on.

bottle top

bottle top (Photo credit: jovike)

5 thoughts on “Blovember #4 – just missing the chestnuts…

  1. Is this daily blog in lieu of growing a moustache? Can I just say that if it is then it is an inspirational step from just growing moustaches. Is there any way I can get in touch with you as I think I want to have your children? Kisses xxx

  2. When you see the name Blovember instead of Movember, the numerically ascending daily posts in November and last but not least the first post explaining NaBloPoMo then I’d say….yes?

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