The witty odds and sods that pass through my inbox may get aired here as well. After all, if they made me grin for a moment then they might just do the same for you.

For that special night out on your Italian cruise liner…

What About The Customer?

Unfortunately an all too common sentiment in the UK. Sure, companies all say the right thing but many still don’t do “proper” customer service.

To break this down into its constituent parts I think that some proper definitions need to be made about what constitutes “proper”, “customer” and “service”. That’s for just for starters.

The dog woke me at 0500 and it’s late now so I will pick up on these. In the meantime I’m going to be v. showbiz and leave you wanting more.

Under Construction?

That old chesnut. Do you remember the days of that yellow and black striped sign with a stickman digging? It seemed to be there in perpetuity.

Not me though. I am just going through the process of moving from Blogger to WordPress and getting the domain pointing in the right direction etc etc. Another 24h from now and it’ll be sorted. FYI: Now is 1554h  on 29.2.12