Blovember #3 – or, One more won’t get me there any quicker

Day 3 and yet more of my deeply interesting life. Well, that which I am prepared to share which, face it, it’s on the web’n’all, I ain’t telling you where I have put the bodies. Reminds me of the saying of a friend’s husband, “one more ain’t gonna take me to hell any faster”.

Life gets better. I don’t know why I took so long to acquire my v own copy of Blackhawk Down.  Not important as it arrived yesterday from Amazon for the princely sum of £3.49 w free delivery for a “Bonus 2-Disc  Special Edition” or similar marketing nonsense. I figure that at the price it is a commodity item taking up shelf space in the vast Amazon warehouse and just needs to be shifted. I remember being taught that patience is a virtue. It also  helps to be massively forgetful at times and at that price the excuses can no longer be made.

So…number three done with. More tomorrow if I remember. Now where did I put the quicklime…?