Blovember #5 – Don’t get me going

Organised religion. The mix of church and state in the UK that is enshrined in law. The plain pig-headed refusal to acknowledge facts, or more precisely the cherry picking of facts.

Newsflash – you can’t pick the facts you want to support your argument and then choose to ignore the ones that torpedo views based on faith. Really. Just really. It’s what 6 year olds do. Grow-up.

The old maxim applies here: “Never argue with an idiot because they’ll just drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Have you ever tried to have an argument (not a row, an intellectual argument) with a religious believer? Yes but, Yes but, yes but ad infinitum. I am not patient enough and have to bite my hand to avoid being offensive. It doesn’t always work.

It’s the election of the leader of the free world tomorrow. One would like to think that religion won’t have any part in it. Ho ho. Some hope. The winner gets to be in charge of serious weaponry and I’d like to think that they will take decisions based on proven facts and not an alleged  god whispering in their ear as they pray for guidance.

Pray for me as I am obviously one of those deluded lost souls that places my faith in science over mythical Sky Pilots. Silly I know, but there you go.

6 thoughts on “Blovember #5 – Don’t get me going

  1. Now I will have you know that my religion is right and all the others are wrong, so there. All arguments can be resolved by me resorting to the faith argument.
    As a non believer in my religion you can choose from any or all of the following a) go to an awful place when you die, I will go somewhere nice b) have an unfulfilled empty meaninlesslife while you are alive c) have to believe all that logical science stuff d) you are probably a bad person

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  3. Good one, and Dom. You need to read Ricky Gervais’ recent articles on They’re golden.

    Long live the Atheist Revolution! Lalalalalala!!!

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