The Emperors New Clothes

When you employ an expert – because you aren’t an expert in an area – like an agency, then you invest your belief as well as your money. After all, to pay for a service and then not have faith in your ability to choose is unlikely. This makes it very hard to see if you are being given good service. Who here is a fan of sticking their hand up and coughing to making a poor choice? Not me and I’d call you a liar if you said otherwise.

I am seeing a friend getting messed around in this way at the moment and am trying to balance the “cruel to be kind” bit w. just butting out. They are starting a business, have invested huge amounts of time, energy & I daresay money and they are getting v. poor service and advice on their website. 9 months after conception they go live today and the site isn’t functioning in Firefox and Chrome. After IE the most popular browsers out there. I thought this was Testing 101 to make sure the 3 main browsers were supported. When over 50% of browser users will have problems it just isn’t good enough.It looks like a tweaked WordPress template – nothing wrong with that – and yet it is still being messed up.

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Browser market share

I’d big them up on this blog as I think it is a great business idea and really addresses an untapped market niche. However, I don’t want to have anything to do with driving traffic to a flawed site as it’ll hurt and not help at this stage.

I point out some errors on p.1 of the site (multiple) and now feel like I am the little boy saying that the emperor is naked. What do you suggest?

I want to suggest they fire the developers – have 2 days of pain sorting this mess out now and go with a good agency. side-a for example. Simon Ashley would do them proud with quality work and advice.

Steam in and share my experience or butt out?