There Is Nothing Wrong With Elitism

FYI – I am talking about intellectual elitism and not the abhorrent social elitism that leads to dumb people getting jobs beyond their abilities, purely because they exist in the social structure where those jobs are doled out. Old School Tie, Jobs For The Boys, the Right Club and occasionally nepotism. Think Tim Nice But Dim or Giles Wemmbley Hogg. Call it what you will, it still exists.

But before you read on take a moment to enjoy some inbreeding: 

The hard facts are that some people are smarter than others. As we consider ourselves a civilised society we try to be inclusive of all levels of intellect, which is as it should be. However trying to reach a norm that just reflects the average is crazy. It’s like mixed ability classes at school. It makes the designers happy taking intellectual socialism to the logical conclusion but it doesn’t actually help the kids, nor I imagine the teacher. The less able ones are too challenged and the brighter ones  bored. Suits the kids in the middle just fine. All that this is exclusion camouflaged under the auspices of being fair to everyone. Life isn’t fair. Get over it.

Society should be run by the intellectual elite and not forced to function to the lowest common denominator. As long as there are rigorous checks and balances, in recognition that as smart as someone may be they are human and prey to all the usual weaknesses, vices, corruptibility etc then I imagine that you’d like to know that the decisions of government (that you elected) made on your behalf are the best they can be and place intelligent thought about what is best for you at the forefront.

Wait….you say that the UK has a political system that is driven by ideologies that are at best half-baked? That’ll never work. Choose me as your benign dictator and I promise to try not to go all Hugo Chavez on you.