It’s Toofer Tuesday

Eh? What? Toofer or Twofer- adj. When you get two for the price of one.

I thought I may amuse and delight my sudden surge of followers. (For my purposes a sudden surge is more than three) with two posts in a day.

Usually a note appears in my inbox telling me so and so has liked a post. I am then subject to various entreaties to look at their blog, which I duly do. Usually I have just been spammed and their blog is a wave of bollocks trying to sell me shite or share with me the profound effect that various deities have had on them. The former are just rubbish sales and the latter are deeply deluded.

Imagine my delight today when four separate  “Likes” were all for this morning’s post. Turns out that all were worth a read. In recognition of this I list them here. In no particular order they are:

One Thousand Single Days

Waynes World Of Blogging

Turtle And Robot

Definitely Jenny

Managing Life And Self  Ok, ok, this was a day or two ago and I am unashamedly trying to swell my numbers by 20%, or is that 25%? I want a job in finance.

A couple of friends that write well and are worth a shufti are:

Hands Of A Climber – Eddy is funny even if you aren’t into climbing

Musings From The Sofa – think you are well read do you?

Anyhow, read them and enjoy. I have research to do. Am buying a car so I can tick one more thing of my bucket list. Poop Poop.

Home Truths

We hate hearing them, especially about ourselves.

I have just had a conversation with someone who, when told one about themselves (The circs are unimportant. I was just sharing the honestly held remarks of another), rejoined with one to me, about me. It cut deep as I know it’s true.

However, I know what I am doing about it and the fact I have a cunning plan that I am reliant upon.  So the cut healed very quickly.

The conversation went v frosty and was a short-lived affair from that point on.

My glass house affords excellent views of the weaknesses of mere mortals. Oh yeah, apart from being thin, the air on the high ground is just fine.

Telling the truth makes for odd feelings. Overall; better out than in.