Blovember #9 – Daddy, It Gets Easier

So said my  daughter. She has been set her first ever essay on critical analysis and the more she writes the easier it seems to be for her to get her thoughts out through the pen and then arrange them into a coherent essay, or so she says. Some poor academic is about to have his thesis on 2-storey Mesopotamian houses demolished by a ten year old. At least he is long dead. She thinks he is wrong and is going to prove it doncha know? Proud – very. Biased – totally. Nonetheless, I know greatness when I see it 😉

The best thing about this is her Y6 Form Teacher. He is everything you want from a teacher. Clever, passionate, inspirational, rarely misses a teachable moment and the girls think he is great.  Apparently he bumped into an ex-pupil of some fifteen years ago, she recognised him and squealed out, “you taught me fractions when no one else could. Thank you.”

What better reward than that?

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