Right To Life or Smother At Birth? You Decide.

I know I should believe we all have an equal right to life. My bleeding heart liberal (read: educated) parents raised me so. And I actually do believe it. However, my faith is being tested when I see this muppet from the dancing mouth-breathing racists that are the English Disco League, or as you may know them, the EDL. Watch him and try to maintain your feelings of equality.

Let’s be charitable and assume that there are a few remaining brain cells that aren’t addled by strong weed and many, many, cans of wife beater and possibly a bit of crack, just saying. My money is not on him finishing school. I appreciate that should he have done so a First from Oxbridge would not be likely to grace the wall of his state funded housing.┬áNonetheless, I’ll bet there was some capacity for learning in there at some point and possibly he could have been taught a teensy weensy bit of joined up thinking, even if it to recognise his limits and avoid talking to the press.

The scary thing is that despite being from the paddling depth end of the gene pool he may breed at some point, if not already. It makes me ashamed to share DNA with him. I so dearly, dearly hope that he is made to see the Muslamic benefits/jobcentre employees from now on. They can talk in two-syllable words and double digit numbers whilst keeping one sweaty palm wrapped around their ray-gun hidden under the desk. That’d learn him.

What a Sheltered Life I Must Lead

Just like Jack Nicholson I was raised mostly by my mum. However, I think all parallels stop there. My mum has a pretty hardcore – and I think fair – view on equality for everyone. Regardless of your race, colour creed, sex etc. Who you are and not what you are is the most important thing and I’d like to think that attitude has rubbed off on me.

I was listening to Farming Today on Radio 4 the other day – not ‘cos I farm but because I was awake too early – and had a good old splutter into my coffee. Why? there was a 50y old Welsh sheep farmer being interviewed about the fluctuations in the lamb prices and what the consumer wants etc. He replied – totally deadpan – that the type of lambs he bred produced the meat that “every housewife wants”. I think for him Mrs Beaton is at the cutting edge of female modernity and advancement. From the mouth of a 75y old I’d get. A 50y old? Times and attitudes must move very very very slowly in the Welsh hills. Do they even allow the housewives out to vote? Shurely shome mishtake.

I am surprised that the female presenter didn’t deck him then and there. Horny handed son of toil or not.