I Reckon…

…that with a good solid idea then I could make a reasonable fist of writing a story around it. If Stories Aloud has taught me anything it’s that writers are just ordinary folk who’ve had the courage to plug on and take their dream further. What makes them different is courage.

Whilst I am not going for the next JK Rowling it would be nice if I could engage and please a wider audience than just friends being polite.

There is no point soliciting ideas for a longer piece of writing because as any fule kno’s it has to come from within so you can nurture it, develop it and take it in different and sometimes unexpected directions. You can’t do that if it ain’t your idea.

Regarding my inherent inability to get a comma in the correct place I know I can rely on the others in my life to meddle (I mean edit) appropriately.

No one said it would be easy. However, I think it is time to wheel out my favourite phrase: Illegitimi non carborundum

PS: the above post came to me whilst hoovering up some of the permanent miasma of moggy hair in this flat. I still maintain that you could shave them, sell the hair on ebay and it’s a renewable resource.

Suggestions On A Postcard

I was talking to a friend today, a professional writer who writes for the Good Food Guide and does restaurant reviews for Time Out. I reflected on Blovember and explained that it was my first real attempt at writing daily. I told him how I appreciated how hard it actually is to say something engaging, witty or erudite day in and day out and also how a month had helped me start to tighten-up and develop a style. He replied – this is a full time writer remember – that he found it harder to write after even a week off the keyboard.

Yikes. I want to be a better writer. I guess I have to write more. Suggestions on a postcard please.

Keep Staring Humor Postcards (Package of 8)