Yelling At The Radio

My rough rule of thumb for writing a post is if the topic, when covered on the Today Program on BBC Radio 4, caused me to yell at the radio. Today I yelled and was then reduced to mumbling dementedly.

The sharp decline is cosmetic surgery was being covered. All was fine until they decided that, presumably, for balance, the advances in  makeup and associated use techniques should be used as a reason.

This is when the yelling started. The expert  merrily explained how someone can radically change their look using various products and techniques. I am a complete loss regarding the idea of an industry perpetuating the idea to women (I know, they are targeting men as well now) that their appearance is somehow lacking and needs changing. The Army calls this camouflage and uses bolder green tones. The aim remains the same, deception.

Apparently, hiding the ageing process is key. Expertly applied makeup can take ten years off you at a stroke. FFS.  We are terrified of ageing and the inevitable conclusion, death. This fear is so ruthlessly exploited, and many people seem to have, unquestioningly, bought into the idea. The entire beauty industry revolves around first making one feel that somehow your appearance is falling short and that good makeup can hide these apparent inadequacies. Still deception. First of the self and then of others.

I can hear the argument being trotted out that it is a woman’s right to choose. Indeed it is. They wouldn’t even have to face this dilemma if the feeling  hadn’t been created that deception is necessary. I look around at university and see young women who have swallowed this pill and are slathered in makeup. Why does this make me mad? Partly because I have a 14y old daughter. She is pretty balanced (has a grumpy old man) but I know she is subjected to a barrage of messages that normalise the idea that there is an inherent inadequacy in her appearance. But, fear not for there will be a YouTube channel that can show her how to cure this fault.

Come the revolution, anyone who works to create a consumer demand by preying off fear and creating feelings of inadequacy  will be the first to be put up against the wall and shot.



Catholic Church in Crisis?

Erm, not in their minds. Imagine if you will the following scene;

Whilst kneading my bread at 0800h, I was listening to R4 Today and Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor is being interviewed about the latest revelations regarding the MTF antics of his Scottish counterpart. All Jon Humphreys was trying to do was get him to frame it in a “this is now” and then explain what will be done by the Catholic Church about it, now. There was this almost inability to deal with the issue in the context of now. JH was getting frustrated, as was I and I imagine many thousands of other listeners.

Then it hit me. The Catholic Church is such an old institution that this current sex scandal – that seems very real and now to most of us – is the merest of blips in the long existence. It is so much easier to bat away the concerns of now when they are framed in a context that goes back centuries. Additionally; these scandals pale into insignificance compared to, say, The Inquisition. If I had a choice as a victim I know what I’d choose.

So Murphy-O’Connor has developed the ability to manage the fearsome Humphreys with ease. When God is on your side and you are steeped in centuries of history then the Humphreys inquisition is nothing.