I Can’t Help It

Being a snob – is this even the right word? – is just a weird kind of incorporeal enjoyment. There are no logical arguments to back up this position. None. Truth be told I know it is a bit unpleasant. However, it must be part of the human condition that you validate yourself by comparing yourself to others and then trying to decide if the results come higher or lower on this scale without numbers.  I certainly can’t help feelings of superiority creeping in to my consciousness when I “score higher”. Perhaps it is just a manifestation of my view that everything is a competition. Always.

There are either bits of others that I  aspire to –  in no particular order –  such as;

  1. Strong intellect 
  2. Looks – who doesn’t want a chiselled jawline and a six-pack?
  3. Money – not for the sake of it but it is a very effective life lubricant
  4. Material possessions (yes, I am that shallow – gimme a 911)
  5. Subject matter expertise – art, literature, music etc – that will enhance my enjoyment
  6. Educational attainment – using and training and expanding your brain
  7. Privilege
  8. Ability to construct an argument

Then there are the bits I am glad, nay happy, that I don’t have;

  1. Weak/Low intellect (code for a bit ‘tick)
  2. Expanding waistline – totally subjective and mainly I am fattist as I see this as a totally self-inflicted condition
  3. Ghastly manners – again appreciate this is subjective but it’s how I have been raised. And I think it is right.
  4. Laziness in speech – vis-a-vis  Point 1 usually
  5. Thick Brummie accents – no idea why just don’t like listening to them
  6. Arrogance
  7. Propensity to violence – being in the police really put me off this
  8. Drinking to excess – see above
  9. Neglectful parenting – don’t let your kid get fat and read to them, teach them values and keep them under control. Simple really
  10. God.

Whilst neither of these lists are exhaustive you get the idea. The point is that I can’t give a rational explanation for many of these – apart from God, that is just a fantasy albeit a long established and detailed one. Still doesn’t make it any less of a crock of shit tho – and many many of these feelings with rational explanation must be rooted in upbringing and environment.

I wonder if I’d feel liberated or bereft if I could rationalise absolutely everything and live without prejudice?

The renowned Hollywood philosopher Cary Grant once said; “Ah, beware of snobbery; it is the unwelcome recognition of one’s own past failings.” The man has a point. Damn his good looks and money.

English: RKO publicity still from Suspicion (1941)

The Thinker?

Blovember #5 – Don’t get me going

Organised religion. The mix of church and state in the UK that is enshrined in law. The plain pig-headed refusal to acknowledge facts, or more precisely the cherry picking of facts.

Newsflash – you can’t pick the facts you want to support your argument and then choose to ignore the ones that torpedo views based on faith. Really. Just really. It’s what 6 year olds do. Grow-up.

The old maxim applies here: “Never argue with an idiot because they’ll just drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Have you ever tried to have an argument (not a row, an intellectual argument) with a religious believer? Yes but, Yes but, yes but ad infinitum. I am not patient enough and have to bite my hand to avoid being offensive. It doesn’t always work.

It’s the election of the leader of the free world tomorrow. One would like to think that religion won’t have any part in it. Ho ho. Some hope. The winner gets to be in charge of serious weaponry and I’d like to think that they will take decisions based on proven facts and not an alleged  god whispering in their ear as they pray for guidance.

Pray for me as I am obviously one of those deluded lost souls that places my faith in science over mythical Sky Pilots. Silly I know, but there you go.