Why help theMSguide.com?

Many of you know that I started theMSguide.com as the result of a chat I had one weekend with my friend, Dr Aaron Boster. That chat lead to me taking the plunge in March 2021. Talk about not knowing what I was doing or letting myself in for…

Firstly, the channel isn’t a money-making exercise. As I don’t earn anything from YouTube it is the opposite, a personal time and money drain!

Secondly, and far more importantly, if you like the output and think it is valuable to other people with MS then I would really appreciate your help. You are helping me to run the channel and you are also helping other people with MS.

As the channel grows in popularity it is taking more and more of my time. The single best thing I can do is employ a freelance video editor to help lighten the load. Video editing is very time-consuming and it is not something I am, very good at. It is self-taught and I am sure that shows. What I am good at is interviewing people as I have a lot of contacts in the MS community around the world.

Having had MS for 29 years not and being on my 5th DMT I am struggling to keep up with the workload. I need to find an income for myself and that takes time and means it is harder still to keep up with the growing backlog of videos.

Please help here: https://www.patreon.com/theMSguide/

I am really grateful as you are helping me to help others. Thank you.