In Which I Volunteer

I applied for and was accepted by to be their monthly blog post editor. I am very flattered. The network is primarily for younger people who are newly diagnosed with MMS. However, it is open to all to participate.

When I was diagnosed with MS nearly 30y ago there was no social media and the Internet was in its infancy. I was young, it wasn’t really affecting me and I was unwilling to participate in the established sort of drop-in type centres. For one, I was working and actively denying I had MS so it wasn’t convenient to be reminded of it.

I have been very fortunate as I have not been affected too badly so far. I was talking to a Neurologist the other day and he said that when looked at in totality it is usual to need a walking aid after ten years. Having studied stats, take that with a huge dollop of context. I have just finished a BA (Hons) and an MSc as I simply refuse to give in to anything. Oh, and I am getting married this summer.

These days things are very different as it is quite possible to be a lurker, an active participant or anywhere in between.

After following on Twitter for a while I responded to the request to take part. It is my aim to collect interesting information on MS. Be it vloggers, bloggers or the medical side, with issues ranging from employment to mental health to treatments, I will try to highlight the interesting ones, cast a critical eye over them and share them with you.

If you’d like to suggest something to cover or ask about the coverage then please drop Sarah at a brief note. Thank you.


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