When Should The Consumer Take Responsibility?

For some time I have been perplexed at the idea that the consumer cannot bear any responsibility for what happens to them. If there is to be a relationship – so striven for by brands – between a service provider and a service user it must be balanced.

A relationship where one side constantly supplicates themselves to the other in repeated displays of weakness, is not healthy. A relationship where one party bullies the other because they are weak, is not healthy. A relationship founded on mutual respect and trust, is healthy.

Surely it can’t be right that the providers of services to be responsible for ALL the bad things the consumer experiences? For example: I heard today that the broadband suppliers are being censured over their claims regarding broadband speed. Whilst I agree that the basis for some of the claims is too flimsy I was perplexed by the idea that consumers are incapable of finding out some of the background themselves. I also recall the petition that the banks are liable to recompense victims of fraud where the people themselves divulged the information that the fraudsters required.

In both of these instances the consumers could easily have found out more. With broadband it is a bit of reading as it is with the methods employed by fraudsters. The information is readily available.

Here is a radical idea: consumers ought to take some part in their consumption choices and/or things to do with the security of their money. Advertisers will almost always work within the rules and banks really don’t want their customers to be defrauded.

If you got this far you too are using the Internet to find out information. What is to stop others? Neither of the examples I have used involve hidden information. If you are willing to transact then you ought to take a degree of responsibility for your actions. Look up the broadband provision in your area, understand how people try to steal from you. Do not expect that everything is the fault of someone else.

Putting the burden entirely on the service provider weakens them and people will try to take advantage whilst refusing to take responsibility for their own actions. Equally, a provider of services ought to take all reasonable measures to ensure that their customers are not exposed to unnecessary risk.

After the removal of Stamp Duty in the budget  yesterday people who had completed the day before were being interviewed and demanding a refund. Who completes the day before a budget from a weak Chancellor in a weak government and the financial pundits were suggesting that the stamp Duty changes were a definite probability. If they want someone to blame then how about looking to their professional advisors?

I fear that consumers are starting to believe that they have little or no responsibility and the providers should be entirely responsible. When did the concept of taking any responsibility for one’s own actions change?

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