What next?

I have ignored this space for a while. Life gets in the way, to be sure. Then, it is up to me to make the time.

I have given up my iPad for hiding. It is such a useful device and yet it has this insidious ability to snatch all your spare time away if you let it. And I did. Mea culpa.

All of a sudden the future feels scarily immediate. My degree finishes this semester. No pressure but moving universities for my final year means that my entire degree mark will be predicated on my results this academic year. To compound the fun I wasn’t v well advised by the so called “student advisor” and had one class last semester and three this semester. All this and the dissertation to hand ! Still, I am relishing the challenge. I am loving it at my new academic home.

The real concern is what I do next. Watch this space and if it is Top Secret government work then obviously there will be nothing.