Ship Of Fools

Why would one invest all the time, effort and expense to go to University if you are not going to do the work (reading, assignments etc), turn up late, leave early and generally behave in an anti-intellectual manner? Why oh why?

Is it so they can go around saying they are doing a degree and impress their pals? I think the technical term is “requiring an external locus for approval”.

Still wondering? I’ll tell you who. Some of the effing muppets on my course. Here’s hoping they find it all a bit much and don’t come back next year. That would be a travesty.

Fingers crossed….

3 thoughts on “Ship Of Fools

  1. Non-mature students, by any chance? If so then probably because student loans are seen by a lot of them as ‘free money’ and so university is just a way to delay having to earn a wage for a few more years…

  2. Sadly, Libby, we are talking about deeply-immature mature students. I’d expect there to be a vibe of achievement and attainment and opportunity and possibility to be permeating the joint. Instead, we have some complete fuck-ups on the course. I really really puzzle as to why they bother. They ruin it for the rest of us as the repetition required because they haven’t done what has been asked. The problem is that they are pandered to. If I had my way it’d be smile sweetly and move on. No input? Your loss, sunshine.

  3. Sadly it’s a feature of Ruskin that does not seem to have changed. On my course was one individual who was attending for his 3rd attempt having been thrown out on both previous occasions for failing to actually do any work. He was no the only one.

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