I Would Like To Unsubscribe

If you’d like to have an electronic relationship with me – Mr/Mrs/Ms Company – then don’t make it difficult for me to control it.

When I find your emails about stuff that you are selling too much it can be for many reasons. I don’t hate you or I would have never signed up.


  • When I click on the unsubscribe link and *Boom*, that’s it. Job done. A “Sorry to see you go, do come back.” message is displayed etc etc. When I need what you sell I will┬ábe back.


  • When I look for an unsubscribe link and it’s not there, you get marked as Spam.
  • When I click something that invites me to control the emails and it is a convoluted process, you get marked as Spam.
  • When I navigate the process and it seems that emails from you are many and varied regardless of what I do, you get marked as Spam.

Essentially, if you want to relate with me and indulge in permission based marketing with my data (The Holy Grail) that I have shared with you then don’t make it hard for me to manage.

Otherwise I’ll mark it as SPAM.