You Tease, Shadbolt

I have had the most amazing weekend away with a cast of characters that you just couldn’t make up. They range from humble me, to a Clinical trials project director to a chaplain to Brenda who is also something important in the world of cathedrals and has a smashing red cassock through to a retired cleric that is a bigger queen than Julian Clary, with the person that Bertie Wooster would look up to for inspiration were he real and alive. All real folks and quite surreal. There was also a barrister, an optometrist, another retired cleric and a property guy. Where the hell do I start?

I have made many notes and will try to distill them into something amusing. In the meantime rest assured that it is happening. I feel as if there is more than enough material for a farce, if only I knew where on earth to start.

A small hitch is that everyone was delightful so I want to record and relate this weekend n a way that no-one is identifiable yet is sufficiently accurately described to make it interesting. Manners Dear Boy, manners.