Blovember #13 – Rollers, Google, Death

I have a very, very, nice bike from @SpinBling. However, I can’t afford to follow Rule #12 so that, coupled with the crappy salty roads, cold temperatures and the steady thrum of rain on the Velux in my office caused my mind to turn towards indoor training aids. Sod Rule #9. I hate turbo-trainers as they are just so so dull. On the other hand, rollers look far more interesting and involving.

When I shared this thought with my go to geeky cycling buds (Dave Newton and my darling brother Chris)  it was met variously with a “Just don’t do it, ever.” from Newt and the more pithy and direct brotherly love response from Chris of, “can I have them when you are dead?”. Not even a “please”. Red rags and all that so now I am looking seriously into them. I fancy a set of cheap ones that can be eBay’d if it doesn’t work out so set about looking online.

My research soon turned to YouTube videos from newbies to people pulling stunts. All the videos shared a common theme though and that was that the banner ads were all an assortment of funeral planning offers.

Does Google know something?

3 thoughts on “Blovember #13 – Rollers, Google, Death

  1. With your mechanical right side I want to be there to watch you learn the rollers, don’t you need a smooth pedalling technique and decent balance? You have a bad enough weave on a 2 lane road to take out other people I can’t wait to see you on the narrow rollers.
    Try not to bleed on them, will reduce the 2nd hand value.

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